Do you want to know what you eat and how is it made?

With the help of FoodMeter you can know the amount of calories, amounts and types of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, etc.

Of each meal and just moving a finger across the screen.

Ideal for athletes and non-athletes, for sick and healthy, for men and women, for anyone who is concerned about what eats, wants to follow a healthy and appropriate to the needs of each individual diet.


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All FoodMeter functions

"5 Apps in 1"

Discover the magic of food

In your mobile or tablet with only move a finger in the screen

+ of 1500 aliments


FoodMeter include more than 1500 aliments with more than 20000 images.

Discover and calculate the properties of each aliment that you eat. Fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins...

Save your recipes

Create your own recipes and share of Facebook

Ad and modify easily aliments in your recipes. You can also save a photo make with your device.

Stats and reports

Be informed of all that you eat, control your feeding day by day.

Stats and reports for you and for share with our health personnel (endocrine, nutritionist, nurse...)

It helps you to control your diet

See all the properties of food

Sportsmans and sportswomans


If you're an athlete and you want to control your diet you have the perfect tool FoodMeter.

Keep track of what nutrients you eat.

Find out which are the recommended foods for your activity.



FoodMeter is ideal for people with diseases such as diabetes, obesity...

Besides habing a personal control of your diet you can send your stats and reports to your doctor, nutritionist, nurse...

Food control


All amounts are inextricably linked to their nutritional values ​​and their caloric intake, would give control of the intake of all the nutrients and calories that certain conditions have to be considered.

Allows based on knowledge of nutritional values ​​consumed adopt a balanced diet based on the needs of each user, without discarding foods that ignorance or misconceptions, are not consumed.

Social FoodMeter

Do you want to share and stay current on FoodMeter?

A more social food

A network of users concerned about adopting healthy eating habits, you can share recipes that nutritional values ​​as part of the same appear.






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